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Hitachi INS Software, Ltd.

We are an ICT Solution

Hitachi INS is your solution partner that inspires customer's value and future with ICT(Information & Communication Technology).
We solve your problems based on the following three leading edged information & communication technologicial solutions.

ICT Solution

Solution and services

ICT Business solutions

We analyze and focus the customer's present assignments and assist to develop most suitable systems for the business model.
This service includes business consultation, system developments and operation management.

  • Covered maeket sector
    • Finance, Government, Municipal, government, Academic sector, Publishing, Manufacturing industry, Distribution, etc.

ICT Cross market solutions

We cover the application solution common to among business sectors.
INS provide cross markets consulting services, develops application solution and even satisfy customer's specific cross market needs.

  • Covered solutions
    • Finance and accounting, Human resources, Sales and marketing, Purchasing, Manufacturing, CRM/CTM, B2B, SaaS

ICT Infrastructure solutions

We cover design and install hardware and software ICT infrastructure such as server/storage, network, security, portal, and workflow system.

  • Covered solutions
    • Hardware products ; (Server, Storage, Communication equipment)
    • Softwere products ; (Workflow, BI, SOA, DB)
    • Ubiquitous services (IP-VPN, Security products, IP telephony, TV-conference)